Eagle/ Vail, CO (KEGE)

Eagle County Regional Airport

Airport Environment

Eagle County Regional Airport is located in the Eagle River Valley on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains in west-central Colorado. The terrain on both sides of this valley rises up to 9,000 feet MSL within 5 nautical miles (NM). Numerous peaks in every quadrant rise above 12,000 feet MSL within 20 NM. To the west, the confluence of the Colorado and Eagle Rivers is within 6 NM, and the opening to Glenwood Canyon is within 8 NM. The tallest mountains, rising above 14,000 feet MSL, are in the southeast quadrant between 25 and 45 NM.

The airport is served by FAA public and Special procedures; no Category D straight-in approaches are available, and GS angles of 3.80° exist. The FAA’s lowest public non-Special minimums available are DA 8330’ (1,790’ HAT) & 3 SM Visibility.

Eagle, Colorado Airport Runway 7

NavShare Offering

Advancements in aircraft avionics have enabled Flight Tech to develop navigation procedures for properly equipped operators. These procedures take advantage of new navigational methods such as RNP-AR, A-RNP (Advanced RNP), and WAAS LPV, to enable specially designed routing that flies over lower terrain thereby reducing approach angles and airspeeds allowing aircraft to operate up to Category D speeds. The result is a predictable stabilized approach to lower weather minimums than traditionally available. Flight Tech offers two procedures at KEGE.

A specialized Airport Familiarization and Procedure Training Program is also available for operators.

Weather Minimums

Flight Tech RNAV-N (A-RNP, LPV)

  • DA 6867’ (327’ HAT)
  • ½ mile vis.

Flight Tech RNAV-P (RNP-AR 0.12)

  • DA 6828 (288’ HAT)
  • ½ mile vis.
  • Authorization Required (AR) Approach
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