Hailey, ID (KSUN)

Friedman Memorial Airport

Airport Environment

Friedman Memorial Airport in Hailey/Sun Valley is located in the Rocky Mountains of south-central Idaho. The airport is in a narrow valley, just north of a large open plain. It is surrounded by high terrain with the highest mountains to the north. Windshear is not uncommon during periods of high wind conditions. The airport is primarily a one-way in (RWY31) and one-way out operation (RWY13). Low clouds that form in the valley can lead to delays or diversions without access to special flight procedures.

There are FAA public RNAV procedures to Runway 31 and the lowest weather minimums are LP MDA 6180’ (891’) with 1 ¼ to 2 ½ miles visibility, depending on the approach category of the aircraft.

Hailey, Idaho Airport aerial

NavShare Offering

Flight Tech offers two RNAV GPS approach using RNP 0.30 connecting to a WAAS LPV final approach and significantly lower minimums compared to what the current approaches provide. These procedures have a proven track record of reducing hold times and diversions due to inclement weather. The procedures are currently in use by the airlines and their success has saved the airlines hundreds of thousands of dollars by not having to bus passengers from Twin Falls.

Due to the possibility of low-level wind shear, another unique aspect of Sun Valley operations is planning for a go-around below DA. This can result in the inability of the aircraft to continue on the published missed approach path due to terrain. To plan for this potential scenario, Flight Tech has also made available a guided balked landing extraction procedure to provide a safe terrain-optimized path back to a safe hold location. This procedure can be encoded and may be retrieved from the FMS for ease of use.

A specialized Airport Familiarization and Procedure Training Program is also available for operators.

Weather Minimums


  • DA 5632’ (343’ HAT) 
  • 1-mile visibility.
  • RNAV-1 missed approach.


  • DA 5632’ (250’ HAT)
  • ¾ SM visibility.
  • RNP 0.30 missed approach.

Coming Soon

For operators whose avionics are not capable of RNP 0.30 and RF legs, Flight Tech is working on a new approach for the 2024 season that is compatible with a wide variety of avionics. Contact us for more details and to put your name on the list of interested operators.

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