Hoonah, AK (PAOH)

Hoonah Airport

Airport Environment

Hoonah Alaska is located on Chichagof Island, surrounded by the Tongass National Forest, standing on one of the largest wilderness areas in the United States. Hoonah is 30 miles west of Juneau, across the Alaskan Inside Passage. There are no public approaches available, however, Flight Tech and the FAA both offer special flight procedures to Runway 24. Flight Tech also offers an RNAV-1 GPS, Obstacle departure procedure for takeoff on Runways 6 or 24.

White and Maroon airplane sitting on runway 24 at Hoonah Alaska

NavShare Offering

Flight Tech Special procedures provide increased access to the Hoonah Airport when inclement weather is affecting the region by providing lower weather minimums compared to the other available approaches. The Flight Tech procedure utilizes satellite-based guidance and WAAS technology, with an LP line of minima with a missed approach point located at the threshold (in contrast, the FAA procedures which is non-WAAS and requires a 4.5 NM fly visual segment).

With the use of WAAS, the NavShare offering allows for a more precise and stabilized approach, resulting in fewer diversions and increased arrivals, without reliance on conventional NAVAIDs.

Weather Minimums


  • CAT A, B Minimums of 940’ (918′) HAT, 1 ¼ miles visibility

PBN requirements

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