Kake, AK (PAFE)

Kake Airport

Airport Environment

Kake Airport is located 1 mile southeast of Kake, Alaska, on Kupreanof Island with high terrain north, east, and south of the runway. FAA public approaches serve the airport with the lowest minimums being 1100-2 ¾ for category C aircraft. Numerous communication towers and one of the world’s largest totem poles exist within the final approach segment to RWY 11, thus necessitating the need for vertically guided procedures.

Approach to Kake, Alaska Airport from inside the cockpit on a clear day

NavShare Offering

The RNAV (GPS) M RWY 11 Special procedure was designed to increase access to Kake Airport during inclement weather conditions. It utilizes satellite-based guidance with WAAS technology to provide precise vertical guidance navigation to and from the runway environment. An optional LNAV line of minima is also provided to support circling to RWY 29. An RNAV guided Standard Instrument Departure (SID) procedure serving both runway ends is also available to complement the approach offering.

Weather Minimums


  • Categories A-C,
  • LPV DA 641 1 ⅜  (475’)
  • LNAV MDA 880-2 (714’)
  • Available for nighttime use

PBN Requirements

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