Ketchikan, AK (PAKT)

Ketchikan International Airport

Airport Environment

The Ketchikan Airport is located on the northeastern shoreline of Gravina Island. Gravina is part of Alaska’s southeastern panhandle, composed of more than 1,100 offshore islands. In an area known as “the rainforest of Alaska,” the airport is surrounded by heavily forested mountains that rise abruptly from the shoreline to above 3,000’ MSL. The runway parallels the Tongass Narrows. A water runway for float planes runs WNW-ESE alongside the primary land runway. Due to its location, Ketchikan frequently experiences low ceiling and visibility flight conditions.

Ketchikan, Alaska Airport Aerial

NavShare Offering

Flight Tech Special procedures provide increased access to Ketchikan Airport when inclement weather is affecting the region by providing lower weather minimums compared to the any other approaches. These procedures utilize satellite-based guidance and WAAS capability to provide vertically guided navigation with an LPV line of minima. This allows for a more precise and stabilized approach, resulting in fewer diversions and increased arrivals, without reliance on conventional NAVAIDs.

Weather Minimums


  • DA 292’ (200’) – 2400 RVR


  • DA 342’ (250’) – 4000 RVR, A-RNP (Advanced RNP 0.30 & RF)
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