Medford, OR (KMFR)

Rogue Valley International Medford Airport

Airport Environment

Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport is located in southwestern Oregon. The airport is in the Rogue Valley and is surrounded by mountainous terrain and rises from 3,000’ MSL within 4 nm to over 5,000’ within 13 nm.

The FAA public landing minimums and special missed approach procedures are designed to allow for clearance of high terrain near the airport. Runway 14 has multiple approaches, including an ILS to 200’ with a 3.0° glide slope. Runway 32 has a history of unstable approaches caused by the high terrain within 4 nm of the runway. PAPI vertical guidance is not useable beyond 6.5 nm from the runway threshold and a  public RNP-AR approach is the only straight-in instrument procedure for this runway with minimums of; DA 1683’ (348’)-1 mile visibility.

Medford, Oregon Aerial

NavShare Offering

Advancements in aircraft avionics have enabled Flight Tech to develop navigation procedures for properly equipped operators. These procedures take advantage of new navigation methods such as A-RNP (Advanced RNP), and WAAS LPV, to enable specially designed routing that flies over lower terrain, thereby reducing approach angles and airspeeds and allowing aircraft to operate up to Category D speeds. The result is a predictable stabilized approach to lower weather minimums than traditionally available.

Flight Tech offers an RNAV approach that utilizes RNP 0.30 initial segment to fly optimized RF legs to a 3.10-degree vertically guided LPV final, which results in lower minimums not currently available for landing on Runway 32. The routing used provides the safest course over the mountainous terrain.

Note: This procedure is approved and will be available in October 2023!

Weather Minimums


  • (LPV) DA 1535’ (200’ HAT)
  • ¾ SM-4000 RVR,
  • LNAV/VNAV DA 1736 (401’ HAT)   1-1/8 SM

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