Sitka, AK (SIT/PASI)

Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport

Airport Environment

The Sitka airport is a single paved runway 11-29 located on a causeway that juts off Japonski Island. A unique aspect of the Sitka airport is the ocean waves that can deposit small rocks on the runway during storms with high winds. The airport has high terrain north-clockwise to the south. Abundant precipitation and coastal fog require frequent operations using instrument flight procedures.

Sitka Alaska Airport aerial view

NavShare Offering

The RNAV (GPS) P RWY 11 Special procedure provides increased access to the Sitka Airport when inclement weather is affecting the region by providing lower weather minimums than the FAA public procedures. The initial segments are optimized for more efficient ATC routing for the primary users of the procedure, especially aircraft arriving from the north or south. This procedure utilizes satellite-based guidance with WAAS technology to provide vertically guided navigation with an LPV line of minima allowing for a more precise and stabilized approach, resulting in fewer diversions and increased arrivals.

Weather Minimums


  • Categories A-D, LPV; 284 – ¾ mile vis. (260’ HAT) WAAS LPV line of minima. Radius to Fix (RF) capability required.
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