Wrangell, AK (WRG/PAWG)

Wrangell Airport

Airport Environment

The Wrangell Airport is situated on the very north end of Wrangell Island and is orientated in mostly east/west direction, with runways 10-28. The airport is characterized by high terrain immediately to the southeast-south.

Wrangell Alaska approach to runway from inside the cockpit

NavShare Offering

The RNAV (GPS) P RWY 10, Special procedure provides increased access to Wrangell Airport when inclement weather is affecting the region by providing lower weather minimums compared to similar approaches. The procedures also provide advisory vertical guidance for reliable, more stabilized operations in inclement weather conditions.

Weather Minimums


  • WAAS LP 480 (453’ HAT) – 1 mile vis. Limited to Aircraft Categories A, B. Circling to RWY 28 available.

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